Yes, it’s another of those gruesome “Smashed It This Year” posts…

Written by Jonathan Pagden

December 27, 2023


…but perhaps I’m measuring it slightly differently to some.

I’m not interested in numbers on the followers list or in the bank statement – more about developing what I do, doing new things and lending my only asset, my voice, to new situations.

And I can honestly say it’s been a pretty good year.

Most obviously I was the PA announcer for the Coronation: saying exciting things like “Please move back from the barriers” but what an event to be involved in. And I did get to say “His Majesty has arrived at the Abbey” which doesn’t feature on many scripts 😎

The day before the Coronation was my third time as ‘Voice Of The Questions’ for the AGM of one of the world’s biggest banks. It required sightreading long involved paragraphs using my best ‘newsreader’ tone, for the audience to understand and the board to respond.

Back in the more usual world of awards and conferences, there was a lot of the ‘authoritative but friendly’ stuff: co-presentation with big names, sometimes I’d have the majority of the words but others would be “Please welcome your host” then an hour later “That was your host”
but hey, I don’t get paid by the word…

Narrations and pre-recordings put the home studio to good use, including a batch of 75 separate announcements for a financial summit in Abu Dhabi. The international names and the time difference made it a bit of a challenge.

I found myself on-stage a couple of times as the ‘warm-up’ for a couple of awards, actually on stage with everyone looking at me and nowhere to hide. I’m not used to it, but the client went away muttering about it being a regular feature. Must remember to ask for more money 😂

A number of new clients have also entered the books, and that’s always good. Welcome, new contacts, it’s a pleasure!

At a slight tangent, I’ve started spending Saturday afternoons as the match announcer for my local football club, Chesham Utd. I’ve never had the slightest interest in football, and TBH that hasn’t changed, but I’m learning a new application for my skills – although my ignorance is still plain to see at times.

So, what’s the new year’s resolution, I don’t hear you ask but I’m going to tell you anyway?

I can sum it up as ‘More Of The Same’, I love doing what I do and I just want to do more of it.

Huge thanks to everyone I’ve worked with this year, here’s to more fun in 2024 – and if you’d like to join the list of happy clients, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Happy New Year from me to you.