Narration & commercials

The home studio is always available

Commercials, trailers and performance pieces in my home studio. I’ve also presented radio shows and read news from here.

“Jonathan is an extremely talented producer and narrator”

“Thank you for reading my poem so fantastically well. The only person I’ve heard read my work better (in my humble etc. etc.) than I can do it myself…”

– Jo Bell, former Canal Laureate

Why choose me?

A versatile voice

I’m not an actor and I don’t do characters or accents, but my voice can adapt to the material and the usage.


Though I may know only what’s on the script, I sound embedded in the subject.

The right tone

You want enthusiastic? Manic? Scary? Sombre? Cheerful? Playgroup?? I’ve done all these.

How I work

Get in touch

You tell me the idea, the outlet and the timescale: we agree the fee.


I attend planning meetings as required, write and edit the script if necessary.

The Big Day

I record in a studio of your choosing or my own, with you dialling in to direct me if you want to. One round of re-recording is included in the fee.

When it's finished

Once the finished product is ready, I send a 30-days invoice.


I send you a feedback email so you can tell me exactly what you thought of what I did.