About Jonathan

40 years’ experience that you can rely on…

I did my first voice job, a book review on the radio, at the age of eight and I’ve been talking while pressing buttons for my entire working life as radio presenter, TV sound supervisor, live sound engineer and musician. So I know my sound, while having directed (‘showcalled’) many large and high-profile shows gives me an awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ that not many voice artists can claim.

Along the way I produced, presented and read news on BBC local stations, had one solitary appearance on Radio 2, played bass at the Albert Hall and did studio sound for the very first series of Masterchef.

I can give you “The Voice Of Experience”.

“Mister Mellifluous”

– Moira Stuart

A split picture of Jonathan. The left side is a black & white photo from 1981 and the right side is a colour photo from 2022. Jonathan is at a sound desk in both pictures