Virtual events

It’s more like doing TV. Good job I’m used to doing TV…

A different voice tone for a different way of delivery, providing the usual introductions, links and script, plus specialist things like voicing online questions or introducing phone contributions.

“Jonathan’s knowledge and understanding of the events world was invaluable in his role as a link and coordinator between executives on stage, live audience and those joining online or on the phone.”

– Simon Prior, Producer

Why choose me?

The right sound

Not shouty but still displaying the ‘Authoritative but friendly’ touch, in the comfortable, calm tone of a TV continuity announcer.

Knowing what’s happening

With the live program in one ear and the technical talk in the other, my words are the bridge between the two.

In control

The studio is intimidating to professional presenters, never mind business people – I’ll take the strain of keeping to time and in the right order.

How I work

Get in touch

You give me the dates for your financial results, merger announcement, company get-together: we agree the fee.


I attend planning meetings as required, do research, write and edit my scripts if necessary.

The Big Day

I arrive at the studio with my specialist kit to make everybody’s life easier (or dial in from my own studio).

I do my part in a memorable event.

After the broadcast

Once the dust has settled and everybody’s recovered their breath, I send a 30-days invoice.


I send you a feedback email so you can tell me exactly what you thought of what I did.

Hybrid events

Some events will take a hybrid approach, mixing a live in-person audience with some audience members joining virtually. 

Some uses for The Voiceologist on your virtual or hybrid event: 

  • All links for the whole event in continuity-announcer style.
  • Listing nominations for awards.
  • Introducing speakers.
  • A simple introduction for the event.
  • ‘Ten minute’ and ‘five minute’ warnings in the run-up to a live broadcast.

 Just what I’d do for a live event, but with a slightly different tone of voice, and I’m in a studio with you or in my home studio and either pre-recording or live over one of the many link-up methods.

 In the conference-type event I can do links between presentations, trailers for things coming later and cross-references to other strands, on-demand recordings, before introducing the next session: all in the relaxed, chatty style familiar to anyone who’s watched live TV.