VOG musings

Written by Jonathan Pagden

March 15, 2023

(September 2022) I’m writing this offstage left at the Aylesbury Waterside theatre, which will fill with people in about an hour for the 2022 Buckinghamshire Business Awards.

Tonight’s format is pretty standard – for each award the on-stage presenter introduces a sponsor who reads a list of nominees, then opens the gold envelope (yes, gold envelopes are a thing) and names the winner.
The music plays, the winner dances their way to the stage for the ‘Grab-And-Grin’: and while they’re doing that I do my job, which is to tell the audience just why they’re so wonderful as to win, getting the info across in a way that’s bright, entertaining and ‘fun’ and gives the show added glitz.

I have paragraphs of varying lengths to read, the words are usually written by someone who isn’t a professional writer and – crucially – hasn’t tested it by reading it out loud.
And, each walkup is different since they’re coming from different places in the room and with varying numbers of people for the photographer to marshal.

All of which is why ‘Voice Of God’ is a job by itself that takes a specific set of skills, there’s much more to it than just reading the words.
Most other people offering VOG are actors, DJs or commercial voices, they usually have brilliant voices but IMHO the skills are different.

So, why wouldn’t you add to your team someone who specialises in what you need?

I’m a regular at the main London venues and have a list of regular clients who wouldn’t call anyone else. Some very high-placed people ask for me by name for their events, which is very encouraging.

Since you’re already on my website, have a look around at testimonials from colleagues and clients, clips of real work so you can hear what I sound like, and even some free downloads of generic announcements if you need something non-specific. And don’t miss the Contact page!

Note from after the event: one of the award nominees said on LinkedIn “we were all very impressed (and some very envious) of your voice!! You did such a fab job!!”
And they didn’t even win their award… maybe they’ll win in 2023? If they do, it’ll be me reading the citation – another repeat booking, which is always nice.

(Thanks to @Jeremy Hall for the photo and @Karma Almosawi for the quote!)

I show you this purely because it’s the only time I’ve ever had a dressing room!