Need a remote voice?

Since the live event industry has more or less shut down for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis, many organisers are looking at doing their presentation or awards show as an online broadcast instead.

Good idea, but of course it's not as simple as it seems... I can't vouch for any of the many companies who offer the bandwidth, the login, and all the other things, but what I can do is - provide the voice.


Some uses for The Voice Of Choice:

  • Presenting the whole thing.
  • Listing nominations for awards.
  • Introducing sponsors.
  • A simple introduction for the event.
  • 'Ten minute' and 'five minute' warnings in the runup to a live broadcast.


- most of which is what I'd do for an awards show, except that I'm not in the room with you but in my home studio, either pre-recording or live over one of the many link-up methods.


If you're doing a webcast event, you need this to provide the finishing touch. Contact me now