Need a remote voice?

You don't need me to tell you that 'virtual' is here to stay.
It's a very attractive idea, but of course it's not as simple as it seems...

I can't vouch for any of the many companies who offer the 'skin', the login, and all the other things (although I'm working on that - watch this space!) but what I can do is: provide the voice.


Some uses for a Voiceologist:


Just what I'd do for a live event, except that I'm not in the room with you but in my home studio and either pre-recording or live over one of the many link-up methods.

In the conference-type event I can provide links between presentations, trailers for things coming later and cross-references to other strands, on-demand recordings: all in relaxed, chatty style in a way familiar to anyone who's watched live television.

Plus, if you're taking questions I can introduce callers ("You're through to the meeting - go ahead") or read out questions submitted through a web form. I've done this for webcasts by one of the UK's major high street retailers, and for the AGM of one of the Big Four banks. Both these clients rebooked me for their 2022 events.


The producer for one of these said: "Jonathan’s knowledge and understanding of the events world was invaluable in his role as a link and coordinator between executives on stage, the live audience and those joining online or on the phone.

He has the perfect voice for a calm, authoritative delivery and reacts well to unexpected terminology, names and phrases."


If you're doing a webcast event, all of this provides the finishing touch the client doesn't know they need till they hear it.

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