I love to do it live.

If you have an event to run, whether you're the Producer, the AV company or the Client, then you'll appreciate the need for keeping control of the way things happen.

A live show is unpredictable, which makes it valuable to have someone in the room on a headset to hear what's going on technically, with a microphone to speak to the audience (and the people on stage) and a script to indicate what's supposed to be happening - as distinct from what's actually going on!  It's an important bridge between the worlds of 'content', 'technical' and 'audience', and that's my job.


Don't be fooled by actors and commercial voiceovers who think they can do this because they're used to speaking into a microphone - there's a lot more to it than that!

Our Survey Said:

"Mister Mellifluous" - Moira Stuart

"Wish I had a voice like that" - Huw Edwards

"Let's hear it for the Voice!" - Ben Fogle

"If that's God I've taken a wrong turn" - Hugh Dennis

"Ah, it's you - great to see you again" - Jeremy Vine


"I have worked with Jonathan as voiceover for a number of busy award shows. Jonathan has a great
voice that cuts through any mumbling murmuring crowd cleanly. He is charming with the client and gives a word perfect delivery. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan for any event of this type."
- Tess Townsend, Producer/Showcaller


"He's been my 'go-to-person' for Voice of God services at events for over 20 years. His sheer professionalism - you get what you ask for, when you need it - his ability to respond to what is happening and adapt as necessary: and the fact clients love his voice, which is a mixture of interest in what is being said with a note of authority: make him a great person to work with."
- Amanda Rayner, Producer


" Thank you so much, I though it was all brilliant, can I book you for next year..."
- Bev, Client

A quick sample or three:

June 2019:

I've recently been the moderator and presenter of a three-day pharma conference in Munich

- all without actually going there...

The producers decided to try doing all the timing, housekeeping and presenter introductions as pre-recorded VOGs, which made the recordings complex as they wanted to keep all the options open and have all the bits of every announcement also recorded separately, ready to be assembled in a different order if needed.

I've never before had to record the single word "and" with several different inflexions. It ended up very like doing a video game soundtrack.

They seemed to think it worked, though!

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